Bankhead Furniture LLC Furniture Manufacturer

Bankhead Furniture LLC is a company located in Arley, Alabama (AL). Arley is a part of Winston county.

You can find Bankhead Furniture LLC on P.O. BOX 389, Arley, 35541-0389 or give them a call at 2053020222. You can ask for Tj Hughes, who is the Partner of the company. They are mainly in the 259999 - Contract Furniture Manufacturer field. As far as we know, they have 54 employees and generate about $2,500,000 in sales.
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Bankhead Furniture LLC contact information and details:
Company name: Bankhead Furniture LLC
Address: P.O. BOX 389
City: Arley
State: Alabama (AL)
Zip code: 35541-0389
Phone/Fax: 2053020222 /
Company's Partner: Tj Hughes
Number of employees: 54

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