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We have gathered information about some of the biggest furniture manufacturers near you. Choose your state from the list below and you will be presented with the counties we have manufacturers' information for. Dig further to find the closest company with it's contact and ownership information. We even have sales data for some of the companies, which will give you info on how well they are doing in this business.
Before you choose one of the furniture manufacturers, make sure their reputation is good. Take their company name and search for it in any of the leading internet search machines, browse around and find reviews or even complains from their past customers. You can also check the BBB databse for complains. By doing all this, you save yourself a possible future issues and hassles.
Once you do this, you will have your furniture manufacturers shortlist. Your next step is to find out the style of furniture they create. Some of the manufacturers might even make you custom design or produce the needed furniture from just a picture or drawing. Although this will always cost you more than their regular production, you will receive a piece that will suit your style and needs.

Furniture Manufacturers FAQ

We do our best to present you with the most up to date information on Furniture Manufacturers across the US. If you find an inaccurate piece of information, please contact us and we will be more than happy to correct the mistake.
If your company is in the field and you wish to be included or excluded from this site please contact us as well.